Remy Neal is the city's synth-pop unicorn. Just by the kind of music he plays, sleek, dramatic, keyboard-driven, tuneful, visual - Neal would stick out in this tertiary Southern market. On top of that, he's really good at it.” - Matt Wake

Born of  Broadway theatrics, New York artistry, and Southern comfortability, Remy Neal’s talent is undeniable. Since returning to his Southern roots in Huntsville, AL after an immersion in the City That Never Sleeps, he continues to create his unique, eclectic sound and vibrant, visual performances.  

Pulling from the influences of Lady Gaga, Elton John, Sia, and Justin Jesso, Remy’s evolution into an unconventional artist captivates audiences. Playing to crowds at Mars Music Hall, The Princess Theater, Don’t Tell Momma (NYC and Las Vegas), Town Hall (NYC), and a residency at The Bowery Vault, his multi-faceted sound resonates with those in search of the noteworthy. 

With his latest project, The Paradise Spectrum, Remy draws on past experiences to develop a musical journey all his own and it has critics raving.   

The Paradise Spectrum is a collection of colorful, clever pop refreshingly low on empty calories.” - Matt Wake

Remy Neal explodes in sound...” - Austin Sher

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[Remy Neal's] voice is simply ravishing...” - Alessandro Iglesias