1. light it up

From the recording The Paradise Spectrum

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light it up

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Remy Neal| Josia Fiore

Three minutes to midnight
Looking for my next fix to make it alright
Fire in my soul
Trying to fill the holes
You’re just what I need
Let’s share a secret underneath the sheets

Light it up
Pass a little joy
Can’t you see I want you baby
Light It up
Just a little blow
Get yourself a taste of me baby
Can’t you feel the heat?
Shake that body, don’t think
Light it up
Let’s keep burning in the flames

So Let’s Go,
Get lost in the moonlight
You’re the only thing I want tonight.
You love me right
You fit the lie
Let the games begin
Say a little prayer cause the sins they’ll never end
Say a little prayer cause the sins never gonna end

Touch me teas me hold me tight, let’s go down below
You’re the thing I need to night, never letting go